Complex Rehabilitation

What is Complex Rehabilitation Technology?

Complex Rehab Power Devices Harlingen

M3 Corpus Power Wheelchair – Courtesy of Powermobil

MacPherson’s Medical Supply offers Complex Rehabilitation resources to meet the unique needs of individuals with disabilities. We provide adult and pediatric mobility equipment such as individually configured manual wheelchair systems, power wheelchair systems, seating and positioning systems, and other adaptive equipment such as standing devices and gait trainers.

Our on-site Assistive Technology Professional (ATP) will guide you through the process of finding the right equipment to help you achieve the highest level of function, mobility and anatomical positioning. 

People who have the following conditions could benefit from Complex Rehab Techology (CRT): 

  • Congenital disorders, such as cerebral palsy, spina bifida or muscular dystrophy 
  • Progressive or degenerative neuromuscular diseases, such as multiple sclerosis or ALS 
  • Injury, trauma or illness, such as a traumatic brain or spinal cord injuries

Other components of CRT may include evaluation of the home environment; transportation assessment; technology assessment; equipment demonstration/trial/simulation; product feature matching to identified medical, physical, and functional needs; system assembly and configuration; fitting; adjustments; programming; and product related training and follow‐up. 

Source: National Coalition for Assistive & Rehab Technology (NCART)