We create custom orthotics inside our new lab

Take a tour of our lab.

Your feet are the foundation of your body. Here at MacPherson’s Medical Supply, we create custom orthotics in our on-site lab. Our certified pedorthist, Raul, takes us on a tour of what goes into handcrafting custom insoles.

First, to begin creating a mold of your foot, you will step on an impression foam box and the foam will form to your foot. 

Next, a plaster is poured into the foam mold, and the foam is removed once the plaster sets. 

The next step is to heat the insole material and place it into an oven and then into a machine that vacuums it to the plaster mold, thereby forming the insole material to the shape of your foot. 

After the posting (that provides support on the bottom) is added to the bottom of the insole material, and it is shaped down to size. Once cut and shaped, all edges are smoothed out. 

Who needs custom insoles?

Problems with your feet can affect the rest of your body. Custom insoles can help a variety of issues, whether you have high or low arches, plantar fasciitis, neuromas, or other foot problems.

Custom insoles may also help alleviate pain in other areas of your body. Perhaps you suffer from back, pain, leg, or ankle pain. These issues can oftentimes be alleviated by wearing custom insoles.

Possible additional benefits of custom orthotics include, better balance, maintaining correct foot and leg alignment, absorbing shock, and distributing foot pressure. They may also prevent callouses, bunions, and corns.

Once your foot problems are addressed, you’re likely to see your whole body function better.

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